Monday, December 7, 2009

Caring for Cut Tropical Flowers

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If you acquire tropical flowers like heliconias or even garbera or even if you were lucky enough to live in the tropics and have them for your garden, just remember a few select tips to help them thrive and to extend their shelf life as cut flowers.

1. Water your plants well and give them a big drink before cutting. This is important for foliage plants as well because some species “drink” incredibly little after cutting. Instead, they live off their stored sap. Tropical Flowers have adapted to their natural environment which means frequent however short periods of massive tropical downpour. Look at the flower heads and notice how the petals are “cupped” to catch and store as much water as possible. These plants drink from the top and like being showered with water. Look at the pattern on the leaves. The ridges channel water down to the stem where it's absorbed into the many layers of the Tropical Flowers.

2. If your flowers have been out of water for any length of time after cutting, submerge them totally in the bath for half an hour prior to placing them in a vase.

3. Cut 3 to 4 inches off the stem and then place the Tropical Flowers in a tall vase FULL of clean water.

4. Employ a spray bottle to mist the Tropical Flowers at least twice a day.

5. Change the water and trim a new end on the stems each 2nd or even third day. You are able to double the vase life of your cut flowers by applying these simple techniques.


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